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~Awakening~ Blue Glass Water Bottle

~Awakening~ Blue Glass Water Bottle

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Enjoy this beautiful lotus as a symbol of Awakening. Awakening to our divine purpose, awakening to life in the here and now, and opening our third eye to improve our spiritual guidance, are all enhanced by drinking water energized by this beautiful symbol. At this monumental time of change on our planet, we are all called to awaken and step forward to make our unique contribution to a more unified, creative and loving earth.

Allowing sunlight to pass through this Blue Glass Water bottle will clear your water of prior frequencies returning it to zero point. The water will then be able to fully reflect the frequency of Awakening!  

Half Liter bottle measures 3" by 10" tall and holds 17 oz of water.  

Remember to drink half your body weight in ounces throughout the day to properly hydrate your body.